New GEC TC Calibration Methodologies

Achieving Ultra High Accuracy Temperature Measurements With Thermocouples (TCs)

Gainesville FL, USA –?? GEC Instruments has developed a methodology that enables users of their precision thermocouple scanners to easily input custom coefficients for thermocouple wire into a configuration file for their instrument.

This enables measurement accuracy and precision repeatability far in excess of ordinary thermocouple specifications.

The custom coefficients describe a reference function (temperature to microvolts) and an inverse function (microvolts to temperature) for the user’s own calibrated thermocouples, in lieu of using the standard published NIST reference functions and inverse functions for that wire type.

Use of this methodology enables extremely high temperature measurement accuracy throughout the calibrated range, even with thermocouple wires that deviate significantly from the standard reference functions, provided the thermocouple wires have good homogeneity.

Read about this and more from the Downloads page of?? the GEC Instruments website at Also there is a detailed calibration report available for download in PDF format at:

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