New high temp tactile pressure sensors

For Gaskets, Heat Sinks, Print Rollers & Nips and Other Hot Spots!

South Boston MA, USA –?? Tekscan, Inc has announced high temperature, tactile pressure sensors for use in environments up to 200 ??C (400 ??F). These ultra-thin (0.2 mm, 0.008 in), high temperature, matrix based, pressure sensors are ideal tools for making non-intrusive pressure measurements between mating surfaces.

Such measurements are extremely important in a variety of applications, including web handling and converting, print rollers and nips, packaging, heat sealing, laminating, and injection molding.

The pressure sensors and systems can be used to:

  • Measure pressure distribution between any two mating or contacting surfaces,
  • Identify peak pressure hot spots and low pressure gaps,
  • Record pressure distribution and force changes over time

When used with the I-Scan?? pressure measurement system, data derived from these sensors can be used to reduce machine set-up time, improve trouble shooting, conduct quality control inspections on machinery and parts, assist in product design and validation, and general testing.

Visit to view complete high-temperature pressure sensor specifications.

About Tekscan:

Tekscan is a leading manufacturer of ultra-thin sensors and tactile pressure and force measurement systems. Sensors and systems serve a variety of applications in the test & measurement, research & development, industrial, medical, and dental fields. Products range from single point force sensors to complete measurement systems with over 100,000 sensing points.

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