NEW Linseis Platinum Software

Selb, Germany & Robbinsville, NJ, USA — ??Showing the NEW Linseis Platinum Thermal Analysis Software

All LINSEIS Thermal Analysis Instruments ( are controlled through sophisticated Windows?? software.
The complete program consists of three sections:

  1. temperature control
  2. data acquisition
  3. data evaluation

Essential sample information is entered in the data acquisition section.

The evaluation is part of the complete windows software. It features a number of functions enabling a full evaluation of all types of data. All evaluation and data collection can be performed simultaneously.

Data can be corrected using zero and calibration correction. Data evaluations include: absolute length change, relative length change, and coefficient of thermal expansion. A mean curve with statistical analysis can be performed on multiple curves. Graphical displays can be printed on all windows compatible printers or plotters.

Data can be displayed and printed in a table format. The software also includes an ASCII export feature.

Linseis International is a manufacturing concern, consisting of key people in the field of physics, engineering, manufacturing and marketing. Their expertise lies in manufacturing a wide range of Thermal Analysis Instruments, Recording Instruments and Data Loggers.

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