New MilliK Secondary Thermometer


Merseyside, England &??Colchester VY, USA & Shanghai, P.R. China — ??Isotech are pleased to announce the MilliK, a new Precision Thermometer, named after the unit for one thousandth of a degree Celsius, 1 mK, 0.001 ??C.

The MilliK is accurate to 3 mK (0.003 ??C) with a resolution of 0.0001??C. It can be used with both laboratory and industrial types of standard thermometers:- SPRTs, PRTs, Thermocouples, Thermistors and process inputs.

In addition to high accuracy measurement, the MilliK logs data with virtually unlimited capacity and can also be used to control Isotech Dry Blocks and Temperature Calibration Baths.

The MilliK Precision Thermometer from Isotech sets a new standard for the high accuracy measurement and calibration of Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Thermistors, Thermocouple and Process Instrumentation (4-20mA) over the range -270 ??C to 1820 ??C.

In addition to low uncertainty measurements from Reference Standards and Industrial sensors, the MilliK can control Isotech temperature sources, sequencing through a programmable list of temperature set points and log data to internal memory or a USB drive.

The MilliK forms the hub of a measurement system, reading SPRTs, RTDs, Thermistors, Thermocouples and 4 – 20mA current inputs with the option to control calibration baths and log readings.

Wide Range of Sensors
SPRTs, PRTs, Thermistors, Thermocouple and 4 – 20mA

High Accuracy
< ??5ppm for PRTs, ??2??V for Thermocouples and ??1??A Transmitters

Isotech is a world leader in temperature metrology. With over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and practical use of precision temperature calibration standards, Isotech is an experienced supplier for national labs and field calibration technicians world wide.

Customers include primary laboratories such as NIST & NRC, as well as accredited laboratories, defense organizations, pharmaceuticals, and Oil and Gas companies.

In addition to our own products, Isotech is the exclusive service and distribution center for ASL (Automatic Systems Laboratories) and Scandura S.P.A in North America. ASL is the world leader in AC thermometry bridges and digital thermometers. Scandura manufactures Primary pressure standards & multifunction pressure calibrators.

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