New Plug-and-Play PDF Temperature Logger

Deltatrak’s FlashLink® Mini PDF Logger

FlashLink® Mini PDF Logger
FlashLink® Mini PDF Logger

Online  —  Protect your valuable products during transport. The FlashLink Mini PDF Logger is a plug-and-play temperature recorder that is ideal for import/export.

Receivers around the world can easily access trip reports as soon as a shipment arrives.

Download to PC, tablet or printer with USB port.

Built-in USB connector, no cradles, readers or adapters required
On-board software, no need to install additional software on PC
Instantly downloads trip data

Receivers quickly and easily email PDF reports to suppliers and insurance claim adjusters when needed

Barcoded serial number on peel-away label added to shipping documents for traceability

Bright green shipping card makes it easy to locate logger in a container

Available in 15-Day and 75-Day models, the FlashLink Mini PDF Logger is programmed with a 30 minute start delay and comes mounted on a high-visibility, green shipping card making it easy to find when a shipment arrives.

The card has printed instructions for shippers and receivers, and the logger’s USB connector is protected with a silicone cap. Barcoded serial numbers are provided on peel-away adhesive labels, and can be attached to shipping documents for enhanced traceability.

  • Compact, single-use temperature logger
  • No software required to download data
  • Built-in USB connector, no special reading device needed
  • On-board software automatically creates secure PDF report
  • View reports on PC or tablet

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