New signal conditioners for continuous switch gear & bus bar Temp monitoring


Coquitlam, BC, Canada?? — ??OSENSA Innovations Corp. (???OSENSA???) introduces two new fiber optic temperature sensor signal conditioners for continuous switch gear and bus bar monitoring to 200 ??C.

The FTX-301 and FTX-302 fiber optic temperature transmitters are lower-cost, lower-resolution, alternatives to its high-precision FTX-300 series of temperature transmitters. The FTX-301 model support three fiber optic temperature inputs and includes three optically isolated 4-20mA analog outputs.

The FTX-302 is the same device, except without the analog outputs. Both devices are standard DIN rail mountable and include an industrial RS-485 serial bus for modbus communication to multiple daisy-chained devices. Each device is quickly configured and monitored using OSENSAView FTX software and a direct USB connection to a PC or laptop.

OSENSA is listing both new three channel models at prices starting below $1000 USD.

OSENSA recognizes the growing demand for smart grid temperature monitoring and believes these two new product models will be ideally suited for monitoring of critical hot spots within medium and high-voltage switch gear.

OSENSA???s fiber optic sensors provide real-time temperature data, enabling operators to maximize load efficiency and balance thermal stresses that can lead to catastrophic failures.

With continuous temperature monitoring capability, transmission and distribution companies can extend maintenance schedules and prolong equipment life.

About OSENSA (

OSENSA Innovations Corp. develops and manufactures cost-effective fiber optic temperature sensors for industrial applications including high voltage power transmission and distribution, semiconductor processing, microwave, process control, and laboratory testing. OSENSA is a privately held company with a strong emphasis on research and development and the commercialization of innovative technologies that improve quality of life while protecting the environment. OSENSA???s fiber optic temperature sensors monitor high-voltage equipment, permitting optimum transmission efficiencies which reduces waste energy and extends equipment life.

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