OMEGA Introduces Thermistor Probes With M12 Connections

Available in 2252, 3K, 5K and 10K ? Resistances at 25 ??C (77 ??F)
Thermistor Probes With M12 Connections

Stamford, CT USA — The TH-21 Series thermistor probes are constructed with the a glass encapsulated thermistor element within a 316L stainless steel sheath that provide excellent stability and accuracy.

With a maximum continuous temperature rating of -80 to 200 ??C (-112 to 392 ??F), and intermittent operation to 250 ?? C (482 ??F), these thermistor sensor probes can be used in applications previously above the temperature limit of epoxy coated thermistor sensors.

The probes can be ordered in any length but Omega highly recommend a minimum immersion depth of 1.5″. Short probes run the risk of error due to stem conduction effects; 316L stainless steel sheath and housing except for connector insert.

Ideal for laboratory, R&D, automation and automotive applications.
Perfect for the HVAC, manufacturing and chemical industries.

Price Starts at $65

Link to the complete spec sheet:
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