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Handheld Bluetooth?? Transmitter
Handheld Wireless Temps, RH & pH Transmitter

Stamford CT, USA — The OMEGA UWBT Series of Bluetooth?? transmitters combine the accuracy of an industrial sensor/transmitter with the convenience of smartphones and tablets.

The OMEGA UWBT measures different sensor inputs such as thermocouple (TC), RTD, relative humidity (RH), and pH and transmits the data?? via wireless??Bluetooth?? communication to your smart phone or tablet running the free UWBT app.

The free OMEGA UWBT app has many features including the ability to be configured in 9 different languages, can be paired with multiple transmitters simultaneously, monitors and logs sensor data on your smart phone or tablet, and displays sensor data in digital, graph, or gauge format.

This CE compliant product has the capability to download logged data to your smart phone or tablet and email the data to an email address or to the Cloud.

The??OMEGA UWBT logs up to 10 samples per second and logs data to the handheld transmitter with date/time stamping or directly to your smartphone/tablet and works with mobile devices and computers with USB communications.

The OMEGA UWBT app enables users to pair with and set up multiple transmitters and view their data in either digital, gauge or graph format. Real-time data can be logged on a smart phone or tablet from 1 sample per second to 1 sample per minute.

To assure data integrity, data can also be logged locally on the OMEGA UWBT transmitter itself from 10 samples per second to 1 sample per minute and then downloaded to a smart device. Data files can be sent from a smart device to an e-mail address or to the Cloud.

As an additional feature,??OMEGA UWBT Series transmitters can also be used with computers with USB communications using the free software application that is available online that enables users to configure, download logged data, read live sensor data from the transmitter and upgrade the UWBT firmware.

Price starts at $325

Note: Comes complete with AC power adapter with country specific plug, and USB cable.
See PDF Specs for detailed list of recommended compatible sensors to use with each model.

Link to the complete OMEGA UWBT spec sheet at:

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