OPP-W fiber optic pressure/temperature sensor
OPP-W fiber optic pressure/temperature sensor

Quebec City PQ, CANADA ??? Opsens Inc. (???Opsens???) announces receipt of an order to instrument a string of eight high-temperature observation wells with its proprietary OPP-W technology for single-point pressure and temperature sensor to be used in combination with a Distributed Temperature Sensing (???DTS???) system.

In each of the eight observation wells, the combination of OPP-W and DTS will be deployed under high-temperature conditions.

Opsens??? wholly-owned Edmonton-based operating unit, Opsens Solutions Inc. (???Opsens Solutions???), will perform the installations and will be using its patent pending OPS-Z zonal isolation technology.

???Providing the OPP-W, a sensor that has the ability to measure pressure and temperature within a very high-temperature environment accurately and reliably creates strong opportunities for us. Opsens Solutions??? added unique ability to isolate zones of interest from other zones is also a major achievement that differentiates us.

“We have developed a proprietary zonal isolation technology that reduces the likelihood of communication between zones. This is especially critical when cables are present, as this can, if not managed properly, lead to inter-zonal fluid flow along the casing, some of which can be less than 10 metres apart.

“Finally, add DTS to the mix and have our highly trained deployment team complete the installation, I think our complete offering really adds value for our customers???, said Opsens Solutions President Darren Wiltse.

In thermal recovery processes, Opsens??? OPP-W fiber optic sensor system provides insitu oilsands producers with reliable real-time downhole pressure and temperature information about their SAGD wells during operation.

The ability to accurately control bottomhole pressure at high temperatures for artificial lift systems such as electrical submersible pumps allows SAGD operators to improve steam/oil ratios and to reduce operating and lifting costs.

For multiple well operations, this can provide millions of dollars in savings by reducing water treatment costs, optimizing natural gas consumption as it pertains to steam generation and enhancing the run time of artificial lift systems.

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Opsens is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of fiber optic sensors and associated signal conditioners based on proprietary patented and patent pending technologies. Opsens??? sensors provide long-term accuracy and reliability in the harshest environments. Opsens provides sensors to measure pressure, temperature, strain and displacement to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end-users in the oil and gas, medical and laboratory fields. Opsens provides complete technical support, including installation, training, after-sales service, for its fiber optics systems that are regulated by the ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 13485 norms.

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