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NSAT-705 2.45GHz IP67 Active RFID Temperature Tag
NSAT-705 2.45GHz IP67 Active RFID Temperature Tag

The growth of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and biological materials that require special handling, including cold chain storage and management, it will reach US$9.58B by 2016 when it is anticipated 8 of the top 10 best-selling global drug products will require 2 to 8 ??C cold chain storage and handling.

Monitoring the temperature of bio-pharmaceuticals from the manufacturer to the health care provider is critical to ensure product efficacy and patient safety.

However traditional cold chain solutions:

1. Do not provide the ability to cost effectively monitor the temperature data in-transit at every stage of the shipping process without opening the shipment and unpacking the contents to access the data on the temperature monitor.
2. May not provide an easy to access or comprehensive data record of the product???s temperature history (inside the container) to the recipient.
3. Don???t deliver the ability to access and share information easily using cloud-based data services Transporting perishable goods, whether biological materials, food products, pharmaceuticals or other environmentally sensitive items, poses unique challenges.
Cold chain shipments require close monitoring of temperature, and humidity and other parameters to maintain product quality, integrity and ensure regulatory compliance.

Careful electronic tracking lowers disposal rates, reduces the costs of spoilage and are more efficient and effective than manual methods.

Nephsystem Technologies offers sensing products that are well suited for automated tracking, condition monitoring and overall visibility and management of goods and assets along every step of the cold chain.

Their active RFID sensing tags operate under a wide range of temperatures and can detect and log the temperature at user-programmed intervals and levels. The data are stored on the tag and can be retrieved at any time, allowing continuous maintenance of the cold chain throughout the shipping process.

Users can also program alarm thresholds that determine if a violation of a specified temperature, humidity value or impact level has occurred.

The NephSystem Technologies??? NSAT-705 IP67 rated 2.45 GHz Active RFID temperature sensor featured tag is an active tag that combines radio frequency transmission and temperature monitoring/logging technology together. It is able to continuously transmit a unique ID number with real-time temperature information, that can be detected and decoded by NephSystem??? NSAR-800 active reader.

It uses advanced 0.13um CMOS IC technology and provides ultra-low power consumption, ensures longer battery life (up to 5 years) at higher rates of transmission.

By its internal 800 mAh Lithium battery, NSAT-705 tag is able to communicate with reader for up to 150 meters reading distance. The NSAT-705 tag uses industrial rugged PVC housing that allows it to work under any harsh environment (IP67 rated).

NSAT-705 tags are ideally suitable for varied appellations such as:

  • Valuable Asset Tracking,
  • Temperature Monitoring,
  • Cold Chain Logistics,
  • Storage Management,
  • Security Management,
  • Shop Floor,
  • Military Asset Tracking,
  • Cargo and Container Tracking,
  • Transportation and Logistics,
  • Airline unit load devices,
  • Construction and Heavy Machinery, etc.

Main Features:

  • Exclusive low-power consumption design, up to 5 years of life time
  • IP67 rated industrial PVC housing,
  • water/dust proof
  • Ultra long reading distance, up to 150 meters
  • Real time temperature data collection
  • High accuracy of temperature information (0.5 ??C)
  • High sensitivity of -85 dBm
  • High Reliability of MTBF (100,000 hours)
  • Low Cost

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