Redesigned Server Security Temp Sensor

AKCP Temp Sensor for better protection against physical damage

ACP_mailer_04Online  —  Added protection with stainless steel tubing helps to protect the temperature sensor from everyday use in busy server room environments.

The stainless steel tube reduces the risk of sensor failures caused by water damage.

Easier to install

Temperature sensors ship with cables and temperature sensor clips for easy installation in server cabinets.

AKCP can provide custom length cables suitable for any installation. Ask our sales team about custom sensor cables today!

Monitor temperature in server room cabinets. High temperatures can lead to system failures and unwanted downtime.

Use sensor notifications to adjust air conditioning temperature setpoints. Lower PUE and monthly energy costs.

AKCP is the world’s leader in Intelligent Cabinets.Today, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of networked environmental, power, security and access control monitoring equipment with over 100,000 systems preventing disaster and monitoring infrastructure.

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