Remote temp / power settings & alerts via GSM texts

IRPS1363 UK Remote GSM Controlled Power Socket

IRPS1363 in UK & Schuko Versions

Ashby de la Zouch, UK — The IRPS1363 is a GSM controlled power socket that gives one the ability to control power remotely.

The IRPS1363 can be pre-set via time/day to turn any device on / off ??saving valuable energy when a device is not required. The IRPS1363 has a plug in temperature sensor so the power can also be controlled by temperature i.e. turning power on /off when the temperature reaches a minimum or maximum pre-set threshold.

You can turn power on or off by sending a text message to the socket. The IRPS1363 will also send you a text message if power to the device is lost / and when it is restored.

The power socket is fully controlled by SMS messages and can be used with all of the major network providers, including O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone (excluding Three). Choosing the network gives you the ability to pick the provider with the best signal in the designated area.

The IRPS1363 is very eco-friendly as power can be controlled from anywhere so whenever a device is not required it can be turned off by simply sending a text message.

The IRPS1363 supports one master user (who has full control of the socket and gets notifications when power is lost / restored) and up to 4 additional users (who with a password can control the socket however the master user is always updated with any changes).


There are a wide variety of applications for the IRPS1363 GSM Socket such as refrigeration equipment for restaurant/pharmaceutical businesses and obviously IT hardware which can be mission critical.

The IRPS1363 can handle up to 13 Amps and 3 KW, making it ideal for many PC and server applications.

A European Schuko Version of the Tekview IRPS1363 remote power switch is also available, please enquire for further details (suitable for most countries within EMEA).

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