Room Transmitter for CO2, RH & Temps


EE800 room transmitter
EE800 room transmitter

Frankline, MA, USA  —  The EE800 transmitter from E+E Elektronik measures CO2, temperature and relative humidity and calculates the dew point temperature.

The EE800 versions with Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP interface also calculate absolute humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy, frost point temperature and partial water vapor pressure.

In addition, they can be easily integrated into a bus system for building automation or automatic indoor climate control.

The EE800 versions with analogue output (current or voltage) also feature an optional passive temperature output.

Further benefits:

  • Dual wavelength NDIR measuring principle
  • Auto-calibration for excellent long term stability
  • Temperature compensation
  • High resistance to pollution
  • Snap-on enclosure for easy installation
  • Easy user configuration and adjustment
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