SenGenuity Announces TempTrackr??? Wireless Temperature Measurement Solution with Multi-sensor Capabilities

Facilitates & Identifies Multiple Temperature Sensors for Real-Time Rapid Temperature Measurement Wirelessly for OEM and Industrial Process Control Applications

interrogator_with_sensor_anHUDSON NH, USA ??? ??? SenGenuity, the Sensors division of Vectron International, has announced its TempTrackr??? Wireless Temperature Measurement Solution.

This unique measurement system allows for parallel interrogation of several independent passive temperature sensors. Through use of independent frequency bands the sensors maintain unique identification within the system architecture. Additionally, because the sensors are SAW based, they require no power source.

This solution is ideal for applications where providing power and communication to the sensor is restricted (e.g. rotating equipment, high temp/pressure/power environments, restricted access locations, etc.).

With unparalleled mobility, portability, robustness and performance for real-time in-process temperature sensing applications, the TempTrackr??? provides a quick and easy-to-use solution that facilitates providing system integrators and OEMs a platform for customized solutions.

SenGenuity???s TempTrackr??? Multi-Sensor kit includes four passive wireless temperature sensors that are capable of reading temperatures between 0 and 120 degrees C from a maximum interrogation distance of 70 inches.

The wireless sensors are powered by bursts of RF emitted by a wireless interrogator which excite SAW resonators within each sensor.?? A feedback signal conditioned by the temperature is then created by the resonator and fed back electromagnetically to the wireless interrogator using the same antenna set.

???Our TempTrackr??? wireless temperature measurement solution now provides end-customers and system integrators with real-time wireless solutions with batteryless temperature sensors that can be individually identified,??? said Kerem Durdag, director of sales and marketing.

???System designers and integrators requested that we provide them with a cost-effective leading edge solution to determine traceable, location-specific temperature in a very portable and easy-to-install wireless sensing system. They utilize this information to enable content-rich process control decisions.???

The TempTrackr??? can be used with any of SenGenuity???s TFSS433D wireless temperature sensors which use robust and reliable semiconductor technology and are installed in challenging applications.

The TempTrackr??? Multi-Sensor kit includes four passively operated TFSS433D sensors with four dipole antennas for each of the sensors. The system electronics and software is factory configured to recognize and monitor the four sensors individually.

Also included is a wireless interrogator with its own dipole antenna, accompanied with a USB connector to facilitate connectivity to any computer for data visualization and acquisition.

The TempTrackr??? provides a streamlined wireless SAW sensor interrogation solution that requires minimal real estate allowing flexibility for system engineers to add significant value-add to their designs. Additionally, customers can leverage the TempTrackr??? to work with SenGenuity on customized solutions for their particular needs and requirements.

For more information on the TempTrackr??? and the TFSS433D wireless temperature sensor family please contact SenGenuity???s fluid sensors sales team at (603) 578-4066. For more information on other Acoustic Wave Sensors from Vectron please contact a customer service representative at 1-88-VECTRON-1 or visit

About SenGenuity

SenGenuity, an operating division of Vectron International, is a leading provider of breakthrough sensor solutions for performance and reliability in critical data gathering applications. Coupling its state-of-the-art precision sensor solutions with Vectron???s surface and bulk acoustic wave (SAW and BAW) technology, SenGenuity delivers innovative solutions for measuring the condition of fluids in challenging, embedded environments, and is driving the development of breakthrough solutions for gas and physical sensing applications.

About Vectron International

Vectron International is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of frequency control, sensor, and hybrid product solutions. Vectron solves complex timing, filtering and sensor challenges by delivering customized solutions that speed time to market and offer low total cost of ownership. Vectron uses the very latest techniques in both bulk acoustic wave (BAW) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) based designs from DC to microwave frequencies. Committed to the industry???s highest quality service standard and complete satisfaction, Vectron International leverages its global footprint and 50 years of experience to help customers achieve competitive differentiation and improve their bottom line. Vectron International is headquartered in Hudson, NH and has operating facilities and sales offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

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