Short RTD Probe

Ideal for Applications with Space Restrictions

PR-20 Series:Short RTD Probe

Stamford CT, USA — These general purpose 2″ long sensors from Omega Engineering can be used in most liquid and air applications. When used in liquid environments, the epoxy-sealed end should not be immersed directly into the liquid.

Compression fittings are also available for installation.

The probes can be used as stand-alone sensors, or they can be configured with a variety of termination options.

When combined with controllers, indicators, or precision thermometers they become the heart of complete measurement systems

$ 65.00 PR-20-2-100-1/4-2-E-T

Key Features:

??? 2″ Length is Ideal for Applications with Space Restrictions
??? Transitions Directly to Lead Wires (No Transition Fitting)
??? Temperature Range: PFA: -200 to 260??C (-328 to 500??F) Fiberglass: -200 to 600??C (-328 to 1112??F) Depending on Cable Selection
??? High-Accuracy, 100 ?, Class “A” DIN Platinum Elements per IEC60751 (alpha = 0.00385 ?/?/??C)
??? 3-Wire Construction Standard, 2 and 4-Wire Constructions Available

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