TC Monitor logs, monitors & controls Teracom controllers & 1-wire sensors

TCMonitor Screen Ruse, Bulgaria —  TC Monitor is a software for logging, real time monitoring and control of controllers and sensors manufactured by Teracom Ltd. The program is compatible with the Ethernet controllers TCW122B-CM, TCW181B-CM and TCW240B, as well as with GSM/GPRS controller TCG120.

The monitored parameters can be any of the following

  • voltage of analog inputs,
  • states of digital inputs,
  • states of relays, and
  • any parameter for which a 1-wire sensor is being connected (temperature (TST100), temperature/humidity (TSH202), voltage (TSV200), 4/20 mA (TSA200), CO2 measurement and so on).

One must taken into consideration, that different controllers support different number and kind of 1-Wire sensors. The monitoring of the parameters is achieved with a help of dashboards, as each separate dashboard must be predefined either as a graphic or a parametric.

The parametric dashboards allow the simultaneous monitoring of up to 36 (6 x6 ) parameters, as for every single parameter there is an alarm indicator which activates if a parameter is out of its predefined range value.

The graphic dashboards allow the monitoring of up to 4 (2 x 2) graphics. Several parameters can be combined on a single graphic.

The values of all monitored parameters are periodically stored into a SQL database. This data can be exported in MS Excel spreadsheets for further analyses. The program consists of a core and user interface.

The user interface is web based, allowing intuitive set up and work.

The installation of the software is a “One Click Install” type. The functionality of the controllers-software system is based on the client-server technology.

In any given moment, the controllers perform only one task/role, while the program can work in the same time as a client for some controllers and as a server for others.

The client-server technology gives the opportunity for monitoring and control of devices, which are connected to Internet, but do not have public IP addresses.

There is only one requirement for this: the computer which runs the TC Monitor must have a public IP address with properly adjusted router settings.

TC Monitor is a good choice for small and medium home automation, industrial automation and general SCADA systems.

Information for the software TC Monitor and a list of the supported devices and sensors can be found at

The free version of the software includes credits for monitoring for up to 10 parameters and can be downloaded from .

About Teracom

Teracom are a Bulgarian company specialized in design and manufacturing of electronics for Remote Monitoring, Remote Relay Control, Data Acquisition (SCADA) over Ethernet and GSM/GPRS media. We take special care of the seamless integration of our products into home and industrial automation systems. Additionally, Teracom designs and manufactures electronics for Vehicles Monitoring, RFID Access control, Time Attendance Systems, Cable TV, Information and Communication systems. Teracom proudly provides products and support services to customers in more than 35 countries.

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