Temperature Control Using the FiberLance???


Langhorne PA, USA — FiberLance??? has been developed for direct and accurate bath temperature measurement in reduction cells for the primary aluminium industry. The precision and accuracy go beyond the best available type K thermocouples.

FiberLance??? uses an optical fiber, which is connected to a light detecting sensor. The intensity of light traveling through the optical fiber from a light source such as molten salt or metal is filtered over a specific wavelength and converted to temperature values according to Planck???s Law, assuming black body conditions.

The consumable fiber, supplied in 100 m lengths on a plastic drum, enables to do 10,000 bath temperature measurements without any need for intermittent calibration.

Major customer benefits include:

1) Extremely accurate and reproducible temperature measurement (??1 ?? C) with no need for external calibration
2) Very short measurement times, less than 10 seconds, expose operators less time to pot fumes and heat radiation
3) The optical fiber is insensitive for immersing into the aluminium metal path, which is a major failure mode while using type K thermocouples.

More information at: heraeus-electro-nite.com/en/sensorsformoltenmetals/aluminium/aluminium_1.aspx and


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