Temperature & Humidity Measurement & Calibration Training

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Teddington, UK — The UK’s National Physical Laboratory – NPL is offering a Temperature Measurement and Calibration course, as well as the Humidity Measurement and Calibration course back-to-back, or separately on 04-08 November 2013 in Teddington.

Temperature Measurement and Calibration

A two/three day course on temperature measurement and calibration, covering measurement techniques; thermodynamic background and temperature scales; calibration techniques; traceability and accreditation; together with hands-on laboratory sessions.

This course is concerned with temperature measurement and calibration, and will broadly follow the pattern established in previous courses.

Covering the range -200 ??C to 2950 ??C, it will concentrate on those methods of measurement which are of greatest technological and industrial importance.

Humidity Measurement and Calibration

A two day course on humidity measurement and calibration, covering dew point, relative humidity and many other humidity quantities, it will concentrate on methods of measurement which are of greatest technological relevance to attendees.

The course will cover measurement techniques and instrumentation, practical use of instruments, calibration, examples of good practice and calculations/conversion between different units.

Venue: NPL, Teddington, UK


Temperature two day: ??1,110 incl VAT per person
Temperature three day: ??1,470 incl VAT per person
Humidity two day: ??1,110 incl VAT per person
Both courses: ??2,340 incl VAT per person

Registration: Register online


Temperature course: Karen Alston, karen.alston@npl.co.uk
Humidity course: Stephanie Bell, stephanie.bell@npl.co.uk
Registration enquiries: events@npl.co.uk

Web: NPL’s work in Temperature & Humidity – www.npl.co.uk/temperature-humidity/