Testing, Troubleshooting, Calibrating Process Temp Devices

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Online –?? Join industry expert Jim Shields ,Fluke Marketing and Technical Product Manager, to learn about testing, troubleshooting, and calibrating process temperature devices in Fluke’s?? newest webinar in the Process Troubleshooting Webinar Series.

Jim uses his 15-plus years of experience testing and troubleshooting equipment in the process control industry to make the challenging issues you may be facing easier to understand and more manageable.

The webinar covers these topics:

* Temperature units
* Temperature measurement methods
* Measurement sensor types
* Temperature generating techniques
o Electronic simulation and precision temperature sources
* What are the most common temperature devices?
o What are their roles in a process?
* What things can go wrong with these temperature devices?
* Calibrating temperature transmitters
o Simulating temperature and interpreting the 4 to 20 mA signal
o Sourcing temperature with a precision source and interpreting the 4 to 20 mA signal
* Testing temperature switches
o Simulating temperature and interpreting the switch state change

Go to Jim???s webinar ???Testing, troubleshooting, calibrating process temperature devices ???

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Calibration Management software (coming soon)

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