Thermostatic Valve: “Circuit Solver TRV???”

The Problem: Balancing Hot Water Delivery in Multi-unit Buildings

Circuit Solver TRV??? from Rand Associates, Inc on Vimeo.

No more calls saying, “It takes too long to get hot water!” Introducing the Circuit Solver TRV???.

Learn how this thermostatic recirculation mixing valve eliminates hot water delivery issues while saving energy and extending the life of your copper pipe.

Manufactured by Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc.


1. Water flows to the path of least resistance.
2. Many buildings require multiple branches off the hot water supply line.
3. Hot water use is hyper-dynamic, so the path of least resistance constantly changes.
4. Manual flow control valves cannot properly resolve these issues.

The Solution:

Install a Circuit Solver TRV??? on each hot water supply branch line immediately downstream of the last runout to a hot tap.

Download a 1 MB file detailing the Energy Savings related to Circuit Solver –

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