The NEW 9118A Thermocouple Calibration Furnace

A flexible, accurate and reliable horizontal calibration furnace

9118A Thermocouple Calibration Furnace
9118A Thermocouple Calibration Furnace

Everett WA, USA?? ??? Fluke Calibration introduces the 9118A Thermocouple Calibration Furnace, a horizontal, open-ended tube furnace with a temperature range of 300 to 1200 ??C.

The 9118A enables calibration professionals to conduct comparison calibrations of the noble- and base-metal thermocouples used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, energy, metals, and plastics.

Calibrations can be fully automated when the 9118A is used with the Fluke Calibration 1586A Precision Temperature Scanner, increasing lab productivity.

The??9118A Thermocouple Calibration Furnace can be operated with or without an isothermal block, increasing the workload that can be performed with a single unit. The furnace configuration can be quickly changed by selecting parameters stored in the controller and by either inserting or removing the alumina-ceramic isothermal block.

It features temperature stability of plus-or-minus 0.1 degrees at 1200 degrees Celsius with a radial uniformity of ?? 0.25 ??C at 1200 ??C and axial uniformity of???? 0.2 ??C at 1200 ??C.

The wide temperature range of the calibration furnace enables labs to meet standards like AMS 2750 and EURAMET cg-8 that require thermocouples be calibrated over the full temperature range in which they are used.

The??9118A Thermocouple Calibration Furnace manages its heater power to prevent heater elements from overheating, improving the reliability of the furnace and extending its lifetime.

Its non-metallic block minimizes thermocouple contamination and eliminates the need to protect the thermocouples under test with costly ceramic sleeving, reducing the cost of ownership.

In summary, its seven features set the 9118A Calibration Furnace apart and help to boost your productivity:

  1. Wide temperature range (300 ??C to 1200 ??C)
  2. Flexible configuration with or without an isothermal block ??? calibrate ceramic/metal sheathed thermocouples or large bundles of thermocouples
  3. Best-in-class temperature uniformity and stability
  4. Automate thermocouple calibration using the??9118A Thermocouple Calibration Furnace with a 1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner
  5. Non-metallic block helps prevent thermocouple contamination
  6. Deep immersion depth supports most thermocouple calibrations
  7. Safe, reliable operation

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