The RTD (or TC) Button Sensor

For environmental measurement & control

Danville VA, USA –?? EDL’s RTD Button Sensor can be configured for all environmental control systems. They are available in brass and stainless steel. The brass is for use in softer designs utilizing wood panels or railings and the stainless version is also available for modern architecture or where frequent wash downs are expected.

This lacquer coated brass sensor is designed for environmental measurement and control. It is usually installed into wood, plastic, or plaster materials, such as those used in commercial and industrial moldings.

Installation is simple and fast; a standard 1/4 ??? hole is drilled, and the sensor is press fit into location. A plastic installation tool is available to ensure a clean mar free installation.

This sensor is available as a 2, 3 or 4 wire Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) or as a thermocouple (TC). Standard leads are nine inches but other lengths can be supplied upon request.

For RTD sensors only class ???A??? elements are used and for thermocouples only precision limits of error wire are used guaranteeing accurate reliable measurements.

Each sensor can be supplied with calibrated temperature-to-resistance values at an additional cost.

About EDL

The Temperature People at EDL are technical specialists in the field of temperature measurement and control. As you look at the Pyrometers, Instruments, Controllers, Thermocouples, sensors, probes, thermo wells, transmitters, infrared instruments, recorders, data loggers and accessories offered throughout this Web site, we hope you can find the right product for your application.EDL offers NIST-Traceable calibration services for our entire line of Pyrometers, Infrared instruments, glass thermometers, transmitters, thermocouples, RTD’s, thermistor’s and sensors.

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