Thermometry Bridge + SPRT Special Offer

Purchase both the F650 and the SPRT (ships from NIST calibrated from the TP Ar to FP/MP AL) and receive a great deal


F650 – Precision Thermometry Bridge

??? Accuracy: ??1 ppm over the full range
??? Range: 0 to 4.9999999
??? Ratio: 0???500 ohms
??? Resolution: 0.1 ppm / 0.001m ohms / 0.01 mK
??? Temperature Ranges: -200 ??C to +962 ??C

SPRT – High Precision Platinum Resistance Thermometer

??? Ships from NIST Calibrated from the TP Ar to FP/MP AL
??? Temperature Range: -189 ?? C to 660 ??C
??? Resistance at 0 ??C (Rtp): 25 Ohm ??0.5 Ohm
??? Reproducibility: ??0.001 ??C
??? Gas Filling: Dry air at 1/3 atmosphere
??? Basic Accuracy: ??0.001 ??C

* Reference Resistor required for Bridge measurements @ IPPM (2PPM Internal Resistor)

Order today to get this special offer – $23,500 and save $2,500! (SHIPS IN ONE WEEK!)

To purchase:

Contact ASL-US by calling 1.800.335.8466 or email:

Available Separately:
F650 = $15,500 (ASL F650 Datasheet)
SPRT = $10,500 (ASL 5187SA resist_ thermometer_Datasheet)

Check out their website & online store at: WWW.ASLUS.COM

About ASL U.S.
ASL U.S. was launched in North America in January 2010. The goal of this company is to serve the needs of Government and business, both large and small. They offer sales, technical support, and service for all ASL products, no matter when or where they were purchased. ASL products are the most trusted and reliable high precision temperature measurement products in the world, and now they are available directly from ASL U.S. The large product line includes Primary bridges, Secondary bridges, high accuracy thermometers, SPRT’s, PRT’s, metal block calibrators, standard resistors, and convenient hand held instruments. If you are looking for a high quality temperature measurement device, ASL has what you need. Visit their website for our complete product line and our new online store at

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