Thermostats & Thermal Protectors

From Hanbecthistem, a Korea Manufacturer

Bimetallic (bimetal) thermostats & thermal protectors

Hanbecthistem is South Korea’s leading supplier of thermostats, thermal protectors and other types of temperature controlling sensors. Established in 1996 as a pioneer in the country’s temperature sensor industry, Hanbecthistem is now crossing a threshold to broadening business territories towards the global market. This has been made possible by their long-accumulated technology and experience.

The entire family members of Hanbecthistem deny coming to a halt, believing in the theory of “survival of the fittest”. Their commitment is to provision of the the best quality products at the most reasonable prices that will help bring customers higher profits.

Customer satisfaction is their top priority. Hanbecthistem is also convinced that efforts focusing on R&D and quality assurance programs help provide better services as demonstrated with every day customers, co-workers, shareholders and neighborhood.

Hanbecthistem’s bimetal products are divided into two major categories, one is thermostat and another is thermal protector. The thermostat category consists of several models that can be used in a wide range of applications such as home appliances, automobiles and other thermally sensitive products.

The thermal protector has significant uses in small motors, lighting ballasts, battery packs, transformers and more.

In addition to their current product lines, Hanbecthistem has developed and is expanding into overload protectors for high currents and next generation?? temperature sensors, such as DC protectors for computers and cellular phones, and gas sensors.

Hanbecthistem’s ultimate goal to be one of the world’s most respected brands will be realized when they are able to regularly deliver with completely defect-free, environment-friendly products.

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  1. Do you sell the 7-amp 03485 thermal Protector or something close to that by units or have a vendor that sells them. I so, please respond. Thank you.

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