Tiny Digital Temp Sensors (2 x 2 mm)

STMicroelectronics Miniaturizes Digital Temperature Sensors for Protection of Portable Products


GENEVA, Switzerland –?? Ultra-small dimensions, plus low-power design and features, enable sophisticated thermal management in products for mobile lifestyles. STMicroelectronics has announced a super-small and power-efficient temperature sensor allowing portable devices to benefit from features such as intelligent thermal protection.

As today???s consumer lifestyles demand unprecedented performance and portability from products such as solid-state drives, notebook computers, eREADERS, smartphones, base stations and digital signage, hard-working electronics are packed into confined spaces and generate heat that can cause failure and poor reliability.

ST???s new STTS751 Digital Temperature Sensor (DTS) is mounted on the circuit board to feedback accurate temperature data allowing the system to manage its temperature, for example, by activating a cooling fan or shutting down circuitry.

The new sensor is smaller than previous-generation sensors, measuring 2 x 2mm, and has an ultra-low 50-microamp operating current, a power-saving 3-microamp standby current, and a one-shot mode that makes the device ideal for battery-powered devices.

One-shot operation allows the sensor to sleep for extended periods, waking only to provide an instantaneous reading when triggered by the system.

The STTS751 is accurate to within 1 ??C with a -40 ??C to +125 ??C range.

It communicates its temperature data via an industry-standard System-Management Bus (SMBus) interface. This allows the sensor to be easily designed into a wide range of consumer and professional equipment including solid-state drives, large display backlights, smart batteries, servers and routers, telecom and Internet infrastructure, and e-readers.

Key features of the STTS751:

* 2.25V operation from -40 ??C to +125 ??C
* Conversion time: 21ms (typical, at 10-bit resolution)
* Programmable, with 10 different conversion rates and four different resolutions
* 0.0625 to 32 conversions per sec
* 9-, 10-, 11- or 12-bit resolution
* Dual Alarms: interrupt and thermostat
* Slave addresses possible per device type
* SMBus 2.0 Alert Response Address (ARA) and Timeout support

The STTS751 is available immediately in a choice of 6-pin 2 x 2mm UDFN-6L leadless package or a leaded SOT23-6L package, priced from $0.22 for a minimum quantity of 1000 units. Alternative pricing options are available for larger quantities.

Further information is available at www.st.com/tempsensors.

The STMicroelectronics??? STTS751 temperature sensor may be the only local digital temperature sensor your company ever needs. The programmable resolution allows host controller to select the optimal configuration between sensitivity and conversion times.

The STTS751 can be placed in standby mode to minimize power consumption. Sample rates can be adjusted from once every 16 seconds up to 32 samples per second.

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