Wi-Fi Capability Added to CheckPoint Wireless Temps Monitoring System

CheckPoint Wireless Temperature Sensor

Emeryville CA, USA –?? Tempsys has announced that its temperature monitoring system now features Wi-Fi capable sensors supporting 802.11 b/g and WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption.

Hospitals, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies will now have several options for setting up their CheckPoint Wireless network, including:

  • Sensors that use Wi-Fi radios to communicate directly to the facility’s Wi-Fi network
  • Sensors that communicate with a distributed antenna system, such as MobileAccess
  • A system using a separate 900 MHz wireless repeater/access point network to connect through a hard-wired LAN
  • ??A hybrid system utilizing both Wi-Fi and hard-wired LAN, useful to connect remote or satellite locations which may not have a Wi-Fi network.

“This new sensor capability allows companies to leverage the investment in their current IT infrastructure, making it easier and more cost effective to deploy a wireless temperature monitoring system,” said Bob Yuan, CEO of Tempsys.

“This option is a faster and less expensive deployment choice since it makes use of already deployed Wi-Fi access points and does not require new cabling, power outlets, nor CheckPoint infrastructure such as repeaters and access points.”

The Wi-Fi capability has been added to all CheckPoint Wireless temperature sensors which already include replaceable probes with NIST traceable certificates of calibration and the ability to monitor door open/close status or dry contact status.

Sensors that have been updated with Wi-Fi include:

  • Glycol and air sensors for refrigerators and freezers
  • Dual probes for one sensor to simultaneously monitor two sections of a refrigerator, such as for a blood bank
  • A single sensor to monitor CO2, temperature, and dry contact simultaneously
  • Oxygen-level monitoring
  • Dual probes to monitor two levels in a liquid nitrogen freezer
  • Leak detection monitoring
  • Particle count monitoring
  • Differential air pressure monitoring

The CheckPoint Temperature Monitoring System continuously monitors temperature-sensitive equipment throughout the hospital, from the blood bank to the pharmacy, medication and food refrigerators at nurse stations to research laboratories.

Wireless temperature monitoring systems help healthcare organizations accurately monitor drugs and specimens, ensure patient safety, prevent loss and ensure that hospitals are always ready for audits and inspections by regulatory agencies.

As a leading provider of wireless temperature monitoring and real-time location systems, Tempsys is committed to developing solutions that empower organizations to effectively track and monitor important assets and entities. Through an end-to-end solutions approach, they manufacture their own hardware, write their own software and provide onsite installation, go-live assistance, training, ongoing technical support and service to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Tempsys’ real-time solutions are ideal for many environments including hospitals, labs, pharmacies, blood banks and other related environments where accurate asset tracking and monitoring is critical. Their successful track record is driven by simplicity of use, continuous product innovation and uncompromised customer service.

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