Advanced Cooling for Flow Chemistry

The FlowSyn Polar Bear???
FlowSyn Polar Bear???

Shepreth, UK –?? The FlowSyn Polar Bear???, available from Uniqsis Ltd., is a state-of-the-art chiller unit that enables users to perform and control reactions down to -88 ??C, in combination with FlowSyn Continuous Flow Reactor.

The FlowSyn Polar Bear??? provides faster and more efficient cooling than conventional chiller units and is ideal for pre-cooling reagents and controlling temperature in highly exothermic reactions.

The system is compatible with the FlowSyn range of reactor modules and is designed to prevent ice formation so that you can clearly observe reactions as they occur.

Traditionally, equipment for cooling flow chemistry reactions below -70 ??C has been cumbersome and inconvenient, involving pressurised gas cylinders and/or heat exchangers. With its fully integrated plug-and-play design, the Polar Bear??? is both easy to install and simple to operate, as well as providing superb cooling performance.

The Polar Bear??? uses advanced cooling technology without the need for solid CO2, solvents or heat transfer fluids to deliver rapid cooling down to -88 ??C at the simple touch of a button.

The Polar Bear??? module is compatible with all Uniqsis coil reactors and mixer blocks and works in combination with and can be controlled by any FlowSyn flow reactor system.

For highly exothermic reactions the Polar Bear Plus module is additionally compatible with Uniqsis??? proprietary mixer / reactor chip technology.

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