BAPI’s Cooler & Freezer Temperature Sensor

Eliminate Irritating Alarms and Harmful Short Cycling Caused by Opening and Closing the Cooler or Freezer Door

Gays Mills WI, USA — The Thermobuffer Sensor measures the temperature of the contents of the cooler or freezer, rather than the air temperature, thus eliminating false alarms and short cycling. Plus it’s wireless, so there’s no need to drill holes or pull wires.

??? Reduces Temperature ???Spikes??? Caused By Opening the Cooler or Freezer Door
??? Wirelessly Transmits the Temperature
??? 100 Foot Range, Extendable to 1,000 Feet with a Repeater
??? Wireless Data is Converted to a Voltage, Current or Resistive Signal
??? Buffer Chamber is 304 Stainless or Aluminum
??? 8 Year Battery Life
??? 2 Year Warranty

The BAPI Wireless Thermobuffer wirelessly transmits the temperature of walk-in freezers or coolers to a receiver within 100 feet. The Thermobuffer slows the temperature reaction of a freezer door opening to prevent false alarms or short cycling the compressor.

The Thermobuffer features a watertight BAPI-Box enclosure and is designed to be mounted to the wall of the cooler or freezer saving valuable shelf space. It is available with a two-inch or four-inch stainless steel buffer chamber (optional aluminum) which is sealed with customer provided oil, or a 50/50 glycol solution to approximate the temperature reaction of the refrigerated contents in the freezer or cooler.

Datasheets (PDF): Wireless Thermobuffer Datasheet with ordering grid (CLICK HERE)

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