BioBox Solution for 37 ??C Medical Device Testing

As Seen at The MD&M East 2012 Exposition!
Norwood MA, USA — Within the medical device industry, regulatory agencies often test internally-based devices and implants in a physiological state. The lnstron?? BioBox is a temperature chamber that meets the growing trend of testing actual medical devices and biomaterials at a body temperature of 37 ??C.

For large or long devices, testing in a liquid or fluid bath may not be practical. As an alternative, testing inside a controlled air environment at body temperature provides a powerful solution.


Allows full travel of the test instrument at body temperature (37 ??C)
Allows for testing on most lnstron 3340, 5540, and 5940 systems
Temperature range from ambient to 40 ??C
Set temperature accuracy of???? 2 ??C
Accommodates most standard test grips, fixtures, and platens
Spacious door allows for quick access to the test space

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