Flexible Immersion Cooler

With ?? 0.5 ??C control stability


Stone Ridge NY, USA & Ipswich, UK — The FTS FlexiCool?? Immersion Cooler from SP Industries Inc. provides reliable, rapid cooling capability, down to -100??C, just where you need it.

Benefiting from a durable, heavy-duty refrigeration system that eliminates the inconvenience and cost of handing dry ice or liquid nitrogen, the FlexiCool is designed to provide years of continuous trouble-free operation.

With a choice of three different probe options – the FlexiCool can be configured to provide an optimised cooling system for applications that include reaction vessels, vapour trapping, parylene coating systems, laboratory dewars, differential scanning calorimeters, CCD cameras and vapour sorption analysers.

The FlexiCool can also be customized to meet OEM application requirements.

Optional digital control with RS232 interface enables precise temperature control throughout your process and provides controlling capability and data collection from a remote location.

About SP Industries

SP Industries is a leading manufacturer of laboratory to production scale freeze dryers / lyophilizers, centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, environmental control chambers, thermal control system, glassware washers and dryers. The company sells its products under well-known brands including Hotpack??, VirTis??, FTS??? and Genevac??. SP Industries has ISO 9001:2000 registered production facilities in the USA and Europe.

For further information please visit www.ftssystems.com/PDF/Flexi-Cool.pdf and www.ftssystems.com/flexicool.htm or contact SP Industries on +1 845-687-5303 (+44 1473-240000 in Europe) or email remus.stefan [at]?? SPIndustries.com

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