JUMO’s Newest Economical Compact Controller

Quantrol Series

Screen Shot 702030East Syracuse NY, USA –?? JUMO Quantrol is suitable for two-state and three-state control applications as well as for the control of regulating valves or SCR power controllers via a continuous controller output.

The universal analog input for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, or current/voltage signals is user programmable.

The setpoint value, the actual value, and all parameters are displayed on two seven-segment LED displays (red/green) to one or two decimal place(s).

The values can be displayed in ??C or ??F as preferred. Depending on the format, up to five relay outputs with a switching capacity of 3 A/230 V or up to four logic outputs 0/14 V are available.

  • Simple and clear operation via four buttons on the front or via a setup program and USB interface (USB-powered)
  • Configurable analog input for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, or standard signals
  • Maximum of five switching outputs
  • Timer and ramp function as standard
  • Serial interface RS485 (Modbus RTU)
  • cULus approval

More details are online at: www.jumousa.com/products/control/electronic/one-channel/702030/jumo-quantrol—compact-controller-702030.html.
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