The Ultimate GPS Solution for Refrigeration Trailer Management

Refrigeration trailer management is now easily maintainable with Global Tracking Communications development of the ultimate solution.

Temecula CA, USA – (PRWEB) — The L2000TEMP is a real-time temperature monitoring GPS unit utilizing GPS data and cellular coverage under the GSM/GPRS network. This cutting-edge development assists in the protection of reefer trailers and high-value temperature sensitive contents.

GTC’s L2000TEMP provides real-time alert notifications, temperature zone monitoring and unlimited web-based data access.

GTC’s reefer trailer solution provides GPS-based fleet management information, with temperature control objectives. GTC’s web interface fleet management software allows the user to access temperature, location, status and history reports amongst other customizable performance summaries on demand.

This real-time information enables fleet managers to understand the location and status of each trailer, and to ensure ongoing compliance with its temperature control objectives.

The L2000TEMP uses GTC’s specially crafted temperature sensor kit to retrieve readings on demand from temperature sensitive areas and can monitor up to 3 zones.

The temp sensor adapter requires only one wire, making installation simple and immediate. Every unit can easily be set to custom high or low temperature limits for each reefer.

The temperature levels are monitored continuously. If the selected temperature exceeds or drops below the designated threshold, the monitoring unit will automatically send an alert via e-mail or text message to the user.

The L2000TEMP delivers accurate reporting information in 15 minute intervals, state miles reporting capabilities for I.F.T.A., real-time geo-fencing and is remotely accessible.

Refrigerated trailer management is critical in order to avoid operational inefficiencies and loss of profit. Perishable goods transported for long durations of time require constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure proper delivery.

Real-time warnings provided by GTC’s, L2000TEMP and fleet management software make it possible for Fleet Managers to help protect each reefer trailer and its cargo. Guarantying optimal performance from all hardware and software offered by GTC will in fact safeguard transport investments and protect the user’s bottom line.

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