Tough, Fully Programmable Temp Sensor with Integrated RTD & Display

Provides All-In-One Measurement Solution

TS530Minneapolis MN, USA ??? TURCK introduces the TS530 temperature sensor, the latest addition to the company???s temperature sensor line.

Featuring an integrated resistance temperature detector (RTD), the TS530 combines the display, process connection and RTD all in a single part for fast and reliable performance.

Simple, push-button programming and large, highly-visible LED displays ensure easy operation, while a unique rotatable display that can turn up to 340?? allows for flexible viewing in the field.

The sensor also sends feedback to a PLC, allowing operators the ability to monitor performance from virtually any location.

“We created the TS530 to offer a solution that would combine our proven TS400 and TS500 programmable sensors with an integral class A RTD,” said Rich Tallant, Product Manager, TURCK.

“With the display, control, process connection and RTD all in a single part, the TS530 streamlines temperature measurement for our customers??? diverse applications.”

TURCK TS530 temperature sensors feature a new design for easy mounting and installation, allowing users to mount them directly to a tank or pipe with no mounting bracket required using a 1/2″ NPT process connection.

For reliable performance in harsh manufacturing environments, the sensor meets IP69K protection ratings and operates in temperatures ranging from -50 to 150 ??C.

Key Specs:

Temperature operating range: -50…150 ??C
Measuring element: Pt-100 platinum measuring element, DIN EN 60751
Accuracy: Class A
Response time: t0.5 = 6 s/ t0.9 = 15 s in water at @ 0.2 m/s
Immersion depth (L): 16 mm
Power supply Operating voltage: 18…30 VDC

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