Automated cryogenic cell storage

NitroStore – automated hassle free cryogenic (-80 ??C to -160 ??C ) cell storage system

Farnborough, UK — Is storing your cell lines in liquid nitrogen a hassle? NitroStore offers the solution to hassle free storage.

The glass transition temperature of water is -134 ??C. Storage of cells below this temperature avoids crystallization which causes membrane damage. Historically, liquid nitrogen has been the only solution to long term cell storage. With NitroStore there is a smarter alternative:

* NitroStore offers controlled temperature storage to as low as -160 ??C
* Automated storage retrieval – no more searching through Dewars
* Sample Integrity – the chilled robotics processing area reduces the chance of deterioration
* Simple sample retrieval – just request the required samples and they are retrieved
* All samples are tracked – never lose a valuable sample again
* Compact storage – the compact design minimises the valuable floor space required
* Flexible sample types – the smart gripper allows multiple storage types including plates, cryovials and tubes
* Modularity – modular construction provides storage at different temperatures within the same store
* Expandability – as your storage requirements change the capacity can be expanded by adding additional modules

Matrical biobanking storage systems are available in a range of temperatures, from -80 ??C to low as -160 ??C.

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