LNDS: Liquid Nitrogen Data Logging System

Includes TCTemp2000 data logger with N.I.S.T calibration certification, thermocouple probe & more…


Contoocook NH, USA — MadgeTech???s LNDS a Liquid Nitrogen Data Logging System is an ultra-low temperature measurement system created specifically for the monitoring of temperature sensitive substances that need to be preserved at cryogenic temperatures.

The LNDS can be mounted to the top or outer of a cryo-shipper or freezer, and the probe sheath can be inserted into the tank. The user can then directly view the internal temperature on the LCD of the logger.

Also, a variety of probe sizes are available.

MadgeTech???s LNDS is easily user programmable with preselected sample rates from between 2 seconds to 24 hours. It features a programmable start time and date, up to six months in advance.

The 8-button membrane keypad and large LCD provides the user with the ability to view the current reading, minimum, maximum, and average statistics, in real-time.

The non-volatile memory will retain data even if AC and battery power are lost.

Also, the 9-volt battery it runs on is both user-replaceable and cost effective.

The Liquid Nitrogen Monitoring System includes the TCTemp2000 data logger with N.I.S.T calibration certification, thermocouple probe, and 9 volt AC wall mounted power adapter. It is priced at $559.00.

Note: European customers should choose the LNDS-EU model under the ordering information. This model includes a wall mounted 230VAC@50Hz/9VDC power adapter.

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