NEW: Smallest Cryogenic Temps Thermistors

adsem logoMountain View CA, USA?? –?? AdSem, Inc. announces extension of its family of wide range Germainium (Ge), solid state cryogenic thermistors for operating temperature 77 K to??423 K (-196?? ??C to 150 ??C)

These are unpacked NTC thermistors with 0.25 x 0.25 x 0.7 mm chip size with thin insulation, 1 meter leads??and customized resistance value at 77 K in the range of 5-150 kOhms.

The thermistors are the smallest cryogenic thermistors with the highest sensitivity in whole operating temperature range, the shortest response time and convenience to use in deep cryostats and dewars.

The Ge thermistors are available immediately.

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