Bacharach Announces a Fall Combustion Promotion

From August 15 to December 31, 2018 Pittsburgh, PA — – Bacharach, Inc., announces its fall promotion campaign.Bacharach’s 2018 fall heating season campaign offers customers a free multi-year subscription to Bacharach’s B-Smart® pre-calibrated sensor exchange program, or a free sample

Hyperspectral imaging on underwater robots

AIMS Technology Transformation and the Blue ROV2 Online  —  Researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Science have broken new ground while testing aerial and underwater robots at sea. Such new developments could allow greater monitoring of the Great Barrier Reef.

Vaisala’s Lightning Detection Technology Delivers the Most Precise Measurements

Siemens Extends 15-year Cooperation with Vaisala Online — Sensors built by Vaisala detect over 98% of all cloud-to-ground lightning flashes. The network of sensors locate these ground lightning flashes with a median accuracy of better than 200 metres. Based on

Installing Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring & Alarming

T&D’s Loggers Protect Prescription Medications Online — CAS DataLoggers provided the Pharmacy Monitoring and Alarming solution for a nationwide security company with a pharmacy client. The security company provided standard burglar alarming for the pharmacy, but FDA regulations require accurate

The Future of the Global Weather Enterprise:

Opportunities & Risks Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (BAMS) Abstract “Changes to the global weather enterprise are providing opportunities and risks for its future development. “The Global Weather Enterprise (GWE) encompasses the scientific research, technology, observations, modelling, forecasting, and

Water Quality Data Logger App

From dataTaker | For Coal Mine Runoff Online  —  CAS DataLoggers provided an intelligent water quality data logging solution for an open-cut coal mine to monitor high salinity water runoff into local retaining ponds with a Water Quality Data Logger.

New Edition Free Data Acquisition Handbook

Third edition of MCCC’s Data Acquisition Handbook Online  —  The latest edition has been enhanced to address more practical applications than theoretical measurement issues. Each chapter covers a major topic with sufficient detail to help readers understand the basic principles

Measuring the thermal extension in spindles

NEW: Spindle Growth System: eddyNCDT SGS4701 High resolution with economic design Non-contact and wear-free measurement Suitable for ferro- and non-ferromagnetic materials Extreme temperature stability [ click for more information ] Micro-Epsilon plays a leading role in measurement technology. For more

New Low-Cost Solution for Real-Time Monitoring of Location, Temp & RH

FlashLink® In-Transit Pleasanton, CA, USA — FlashLink® In-Transit Real-Time Mini Logger from DeltaTrak provides customers real-time data from the cloud where it’s always visible, even before a shipment reaches the receiving dock. Stay up-to-date with the location, temperature and humidity of your products.

Incubator Monitoring Wireless Temperature Monitoring

In Vitro Clinic Uses Accsense ONLINE  —  CAS DataLoggers provided the automated incubator Accsense Wireless Current Data Logger monitoring and alarm system for an in vitro fertilization clinic which needed a wireless setup to monitor and alarm several double stack