DI-4108 USB DAQ Product Preview

DI-4108 USB DAQ Online. —  DATAQ Instruments announces model DI-4108. that complements the previously announced model DI-4208.

Both products are identical except for measurement range, and both support DATAQ Instruments’ new ChannelStretch™ technology to provide seamless channel expansion to a limit of 128 analog and 112 digital channels by simply connecting more devices to a single PC.

More product features follow, but model DI-4108 is a USB-connected data acquisition system that provides up to 16-bit resolution for each of eight analog input channels.

Each analog channel supports a programmable measurement range of ±200 mV to ±10 V.

Like the DI-4208, sample rate throughput for DI-4108 analog channels is 160 kHz, and the instrument also supports up to seven discrete I/O ports, and a rate and counter input.

Model DI-4108 and ChannelStretch™ Support

ChannelStretch™ is the common thread that binds together not only the DI-4108, but also the DI-4208 and the DI-1120 starter kit.

All three models in any mix support connection to a single PC and data acquired from the group synchronously and seamlessly flows into a single WinDaq application as though acquired from a single device. This approach makes channel expansion a snap for any current or future requirement.

The ability to mix and match models also extends measurement range for any given application to an amazing ±200 mV to ±100 V per channel as a function of the specific models connected.

Further, ChannelStretch™ is not limited to WinDaq software. The feature is fully implemented in the .Net class for Windows programmers and in the instruments’ protocol for other operating systems.

DI-4108 Feature Lineup

Here’s an overview of DI-4108 features:

  • Includes a DI-4108 instrument, a 6-foot USB cable, a screwdriver for signal connections, and downloadable WinDaq/Lite software*
  • Provided with WinDaq/Lite Software which records up to four channels at any sampling rate (purchase WinDaq/Unlock to record all channels, or to synchronize multiple units)
  • Up to 160 kHz analog sample throughput rate
  • 16-bit analog-to-digital resolution
  • Programmable ranges: ±200, ±500 mV, ±1, ±2, ±5, ±10 V full scale
  • Eight armored analog differential inputs*
    • Up to 120 V rms without damage
    • 50 dB common mode rejection
  • Adaptable low-pass filter per channel
    • Corner frequency set as a function of sampling rate
  • Seven digital ports*
    • Programmable per port as input or switch
    • Support for rate measurements to 50 kHz
    • Support for 16-bit counter
  • Supports ChannelStretch™ multi-unit synchronization:*
    • Up to sixteen instruments
    • Up to 480 kHz throughput
    • Up to 128 analog channels and 112 digital ports
    • Syncs with itself and models DI-4208 and DI-1120 in any combination
  • Software support includes ready-to-run WinDaq/Lite software and documented protocol for software development in all operating systems
  • CE Approved

*  Note that WinDaq/Unlock is required per device to use ChannelStretch™ and to record more than four total channels when using WinDaq software.

Product Availability

Both the DI-4108 and -4208 begin shipping on or before September 15, 2017, and pre-orders for both products accepted. Model DI-1120, also mentioned in this article, is available from stock. More information for all products can be found on their respective product pages:

DI-4108, https://www.dataq.com/products/di-4108/

DI-4208, https://www.dataq.com/products/di-4208/

DI-1120, https://www.dataq.com/products/di-1120/

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