Low Cost…High Function USB DAQ Modules

DT9810 Series USB DAQ Modules

DT9814-10V $475

Marboro MA, USA –These are Data Translation’s greatest value in measurement. Each of these low cost, high function USB data acquisition modules is supported by multiple software solutions including quickDAQ, LV-Link for LabVIEW, DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB, and DT-Open Layers.

Key Features:

* Easy screw terminal connections for up to 8, 16 or 24 analog inputs, 20 programmable digital I/O lines, and 1, 32-bit counter/timer
* Analog input signal range of 0 to 2.44V, resolution of 10 bits, and throughputs up to 25kHz
* Oscilloscope, Chart Recorder, Voltmeter, File Viewer, Digital Input, Digital Output, Event Counting, and Rate Generation operations
* Standard USB connector
* Shielded, rugged enclosure for noise immunity
* Software and drivers compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7

Learn more online at: www.datatranslation.com/products/usb_lowcost/

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