The coal hard truth

Beacon article on by Zoya Teirstein

Did the EPA borrow its latest PR strategy ...The electric power sector’s obsession with coal is waning — natural gas, a fuel that emits less CO2 but releases boatloads of methane *, is the next big thing. (

That means the industry isn’t producing as many carbon emissions. I know, I know, this isn’t really gonna cut it as we hurtle toward a significantly hotter planet.

But check this out.

The decline in CO2 emissions from the power sector in 2017 — 4.6 percent — was enough to offset greenhouse gases produced by all other business sectors. (more…)

Heatwave hits European wind energy, boosts solar production

July wind and solar performance maps

The recent "wind drought" in Europe led us to compare wind and solar anomalies in Europe, India, and worldwide. Here's what we found.
Maps courtesy Vaisala

Online —  The same meteorological conditions behind the current heatwave in the Western Europe have contributed to a wind drought, negatively impacting wind energy project performance in markets including the UK, France, Spain, Germany and much of Scandinavia.

Simultaneously, solar plant performance in many of these markets has increased, in a striking illustration of the balancing effect that can be achieved by building out both technologies as part of a diversified, ‘climate-resilient’ portfolio. (more…)

Not So Coal Anymore

It’s Tuesday, August 7, and oh, ship! U.S. coal shipments are falling fast.

By Zoya Teirstein
Did the EPA borrow its latest PR strategy ...President Trump had promised that coal would make a comeback. Turns out, his coal-fired dreams are turning into a whole lotta ash.

Coal consumed by the U.S. power sector has been falling steadily for the past four years.

And guess what? Last year marked a record-low — the least amount of coal consumed by the U.S. electric sector since 1983. Some comeback, huh?

Measurement & calibration in the growth of LNG market


Article: “Emerson’s Buttler outlines the importance of calibration and measurement in growth of LNG market”
by Sean McMahon

Online — “As the LNG market continues to expand, the importance of precise calibration and measurement will continue to grow. SmartBrief caught up with Marc Buttler, Director of Application Innovation for Oil & Gas at Emerson Automation Solutions, at the recent World Gas Conference in Washington, DC, for an update on the latest trends in calibration and measurement.”

“Buttler, who was at the WGC to talk calibration options for Coriolis Meters in natural gas measurement, is active with API’s Committee on Petroleum Measurement and with the National Conference of Weights and Measures.” (more…)

Incinerator Combustion Air Flowmeter

Do Not Overlook Operating Constraints

By David W Spitzer

S&B-LogoOnline —- “Flow measurement applications can be difficult because of physical properties, operating conditions, operating constraints or some combination of all three. For example, the fluid may be corrosive, abrasive and/or lethal. It may be operating near its vapor pressure or at an extremely high or low temperature or extremely high or low pressure.

“Selecting a flowmeter to measure even common fluids operating at non-extreme conditions can be challenging when operated under these conditions. That said, the operating constraints are often overlooked (at least initially).”

Webinar: Critical Elements that Influence Solar Plant Performance

July 25 (Wednesday), 5 pm CEST (11:00 am EST)

Online — All solar PV plant owners expect that their plant will function optimally during its entire operational life.

Plant performance is directly relative to the performance of its components, which in turn is affected by climatic factors. Resulting underperformance can mean a significant impact on solar plant ROI.

The ability to anticipate on-site challenges and design the system accordingly helps avoid yield loss.

Climate situations and variable weather conditions found at different locations can be significant factors in setting the systems’ overall output expectations.

In order to design and maintain optimal efficiency, solar professionals need to be aware of conditions and factors which are critical to system performance. (more…)

Innovative Infrared Thermal Imaging has Optimised Furnaces Operation

AMETEK Land Case Study at ENCIRC

NIR-B Glass - Melt TankOnline —  Encirc, a leading glass manufacturer, has implemented AMETEK Land’s real-time, in-furnace thermal imaging Near infrared Borescope (NIR-B) to optimise furnace operations and introduce reductions in emissions at its Elton plant in Cheshire, UK.

Encirc was looking for an innovative temperature measurement solution at its glass production plant to replace an existing CCTV system.

The company required high-quality images for operators to monitor batch line/flow and improve set up of its 20 under-port, dual-impulse regenerative burners. (more…)