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Temperature@lert Cellular Edition

Cambridge MA, USA ??? Temperature@lert?? today announced that Cindy Sue Products, a New Rochelle, NY based gourmet hors d???oeuvres distributor, is using the Temperature@lert Cellular Temperature Sensor to make sure their high quality products are safely refrigerated 24/7.

“We recently had to expand our refrigeration to an offsite location,” owner Cindy Marshall related recently.

“Because we wanted to be sure the refrigeration unit was operating reliably but could not easily connect to a computer network or monitoring system, we looked for a cost-effective solution to keep tabs on our products. After a lot of research, we discovered Temperature@lert???s Cellular Edition.

“Not only did it fit our needs perfectly but it was simple to set up. I plugged the unit in and it worked! I set my unit to report in every 15 minutes. If I want, I can log onto the Temperature@lert server from anywhere at any time to check the temperature history and alert status.”

Not only can the Temperature@lert Cellular device operate without a computer or WiFi network, the associated Temperature@lert Dashboard web service can alert Ms. Marshall by phone, text or email if the temperature rises too high.

If the AC power goes out, the unit automatically switches to its internal battery power.

???This is important because in the NYC area lightning storms and other problems knock out the power several times each year,??? Cindy continued.

“This is a real time saver. If there is a problem, now instead of having to drive out to see if everything is OK, I can view what???s happening from home or on my Blackberry. I tell all my customers what a great product the Temperature@lert sensor is.???

“Many of our customers are like Cindy Sue Products – they need an easy to use and set up remote or mobile temperature sensor that does not rely on traditional computer networks,” said Harry Schechter, CEO of Temperature@lert.

“Our Cellular Edition has been an invaluable tool for many small and medium sized business owners that need reliable information to protect their businesses at a very competitive price.???

About Cindy Sue Products

Based in New Rochelle, NY, Cindy Sue Products is a wholesale distributor of gourmet hors d???oeuvres. Established in 1985, Cindy Sue Products is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing clients with outstanding products and the most dependable and knowledgeable personalized service in the industry. Servicing Westchester, Manhattan and lower Connecticut, Cindy Sue Products offers the widest selection of hors d???oeuvres in the metropolitan NYC area.

More information about the complete line of products and services can be found on Cindy Sue Products??? website at cindysueproducts.com/6801.html, or by email at Cindy@Cindysueproducts.com , or by calling (914) 654-1314.

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Temperature@lert (www.temperaturealert.com) is the leading provider of low-cost, high-performance temperature monitoring products. Their products provide early warning of temperature changes before it’s too late. Since launching, over 10,000 Temperature@lert products have been sold to customers in over 40 countries. Temperature@lert systems are protecting over $250,000,000 of customer assets.

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