Non-Reversible Labels for “Low*” Temps

TL-CC Series “Chill Checker”

NonReversible Labels for Low Temperatures
Non-Reversible Labels for Low Temperatures

Stamford CT, USA — Omega’s TL-CC series are used to control and identify problematic temperature conditions that are experienced in transportation of goods, using a low cost method for instance for medical supplies, or to increase food protection in transit to warehouse or depots.

Change of state occurs after activating then waiting a short duration not exceeding five minutes, staining of the white paper (to blue/purple) occurs when the specified rating has been exceeded.

Type: Non-reversible indicator, circular, self-adhesive
Activation: Hand Activated by pressing the center of the button and making it concave.
Size: 32 mm diameter by 6 mm deep (1.25″ by 0.23″ deep)
Print: 2 colors (blue print onto white background)
Temperature: ??F and ??C, ????
Accuracy: ??2 ??C (??4 ??F)
Shelf life: 6 months.


  • Packages of 10:
  • -17 ??C to 20 ??C
  • Temperature Points
  • Non-Reversible Low Temperature Labels
  • White Paper turns to Blue/Purple Color

More details and ordering options are online at:??

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* (ED NOTE:?? “Low” and “High” temperatures are generic, qualitative terms. What may be low to one sensor user may be high to another; it all depends upon the measurement context.)