Summer Heat Waves Causes Widespread Loss of Food Shipments

Keep Your Shipments Safe with High-Accuracy Temperature Monitoring
CHESTERLAND OH, USA — With record-breaking high temperatures occurring across the nation this summer, entire food and produce shipments are commonly lost en route to receivers simply because drivers lacked a quick way to keep tabs on their extremely temperature-sensitive goods.

To help companies avoid this often disastrous loss of product, CAS DataLoggers has partnered with quality manufacturer T&D to introduce the TR-71Ui USB Temperature Data Logger, a cost-effective precaution against future losses.

These reliable temperature recorders are already seeing common use in trucks and trailers everywhere, potentially saving companies thousands of dollars through loss prevention.

The 2-channel temperature data logger measures temperature across a range of -40 ??C to 110 ??C?? (-40 ??F to 230 ??F) with an optional sensor extending range to -60 ??C to 155 ??C (-76 ??F to 311 ??F).

External sensors are included with the device.

The current temperature reading is clearly shown on a multifunction display, and in fact a commonly-used setup is to place the data logger in the truck???s cabin, letting the driver quickly check the shipment???s current temperature any time on the road.

These periodic checks can make all the difference to prevent another spoiled shipment. Each datalogger has a 16,000 point memory to cover extended hauls and operates up to a year on a single AA battery, ensuring extended operation.

T&D???s USB series data loggers enable the downloading of recorded data by connecting directly to a PC. Also, the newly added infrared communication function collects recorded data from the TR7U series without needing a PC.

To simplify data collection even further, these dataloggers are also fully compatible with infrared data collectors. By using a TR-57DCi Data Collector with infrared function, all collected data is easily displayed in graph form without physically gathering the loggers, giving drivers immediate on-the-spot checking of continually-changing data.

Data collector memory stores up to 256,000 readings and communicates with the loggers and a PC via USB & RS-232C.

Additionally, each data logger includes FREE Windows software to setup, monitor, download, graph and export data, useful for presenting a complete temperature profile of the trip and proving best practices to receivers.

T&D is Japan???s #1 manufacturer of temperature and humidity datalogging systems. These products offer compact, water-proof temperature loggers for harsh environments; wireless temperature/humidity/voltage data loggers; temperature and humidity loggers with USB or Ethernet interfaces; voltage data loggers, high accuracy temperature recorders; and micro web servers.

These products are widely used in applications including transportation and warehousing, food processing and storage, agriculture, and industrial manufacturing and processing.

For more information on the new T&D USB Temperature Data Logger, other economical T&D dataloggers measuring temperature, humidity and more, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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