NEW: ITAG Temp Label Data Logger

A label that records temperature data!
ITAG Temperature Label Data Logger

Bournemouth, UK — The ITAG is a unique temperature monitoring hybrid, bringing together the traceability offered by a data logger, namely time versus temperature data, the visibility and financial practicalities of a chemical time temperature indicator (TTI) with the same simplicity of operation.

If you are operating in the food. pharmaceutical or logistics industries and are concerned with temperature conditions in transit, LS TEchnology urges you to give serious consideration to the financial and practical benefits of the pre-programmed and adhesive ITAG temperature data logger label, which can be used without concerns of user training.

On top of this and in keeping with many new developments, released in 2009, the ITAG datalogger has a built in USB port, negating the need to pay for, deploy or find! expensive download cables in all of your shipping destinations.

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ITAG Temperature Label Data Logger

Key points to consider:

  • Delivers more detailed results than a Time Temperature Indicator (TTI)
  • Is the least expensive data logger on the market
  • Is significantly less expensive than any datalogger offering a built in USB connector
  • Unlike other dataloggers it is supplied pre-programmed
  • Delivers instant and visible alarm information like a?? Time Temperature Indicator (TTI)
  • Delivers the same operational simplicity as a Time Temperature Indicator (TTI)
  • Offers an aesthetically pleasing solution , which does not ???take up??? valuable space inside your package

ITAG as described by the manufacturer: ITAG-Single Use is the revolutionary pre-programmed temperature recorder for single use developed by TempSen.

Designed for measuring temperature during the distribution of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and vaccines, the internal sensor accurately records time and temperatures for user selectable readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Because of its small size, it is widely used on a pallet level and in the package.

All you have to do is order the appropriate type, tear START-STRIP??? to active, adhere it to the surface of any products or product packages. Then what happened to you temperature-sensitive products will be accurately recorded. It???s that simple.

With the ITAG-Single Use, you require only one single device and no cables, adapters or readers.

ITAG-Single Use can be plugged into the USB interface of any PC directly.

LS Technology offer you ITAGSU-E2E???, the easy-to-use software could be downloaded from their website, providing clear graphs; data can be exported to Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

An ITAG software download link will be sent to you when you order an ITAG product.


  • About the size of a business card
  • Quick start with START-STRIP???
  • IP67 and waterproof food-safe packaging
  • Built-in USB plug
  • Easy-to-read LED indicators enable immediate decision making
  • Available in 1 hour to 60 day variants
  • Customization service
  • User friendly
  • Inexpensive


Temperature Range-40??C to +70??C*
Operating Accuracy??0.5??C
Temperature Resolution0.1??C
Data Storage Capacity2,800 Readings
Recording Periods1 hour to 60 days option**
Data Sampling Intervals10 seconds to 60 minutes option
Battery Life9 months
Typical Dimensions80mm L x50mm W x4mm H
Water ResistantIP67

* Time range available is 7 days. Other time ranges are available.
**The standard Temperature range is 2-8??C. Other Temperature ranges are available.

Please contact LoggerShop (LS) Technology with your requirements.

LS Technology is a purveyor of fine instruments and is delighted to add the ITAG to its portfolio, after stringently testing to verify the remarkable claims made by the manufacturers.

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