Wireless Meat Cooking & Cool-Down Logger

newtop4Warner NH, USA — MadgeTech, Inc. has announce the release of the RFOT, a wireless meat cooking and cool down data logger with a rugged flexible piercing probe.

The RFOT features wireless data transmission making it ideal for monitoring the cooking and cool down of meat products in real-time. It logs a temperature reading and then transmits it back to a central computer for real-time monitoring.

If the data received is out of a safe range, immediate corrective action can be taken.

The RFOT has a probe temperature range of -50 to +200??C and an operating range of -30 to +100??C. The device is splashproof (IP67) and can even withstand wash down cycles.

MadgeTech???s standard data logger software is a free download from the MadgeTech website. The software includes a cooling flags function which automatically highlights the FSIS Appendix B cool-down temperatures and calculates the cool-down duration.

The software also features an automatic export to Excel?? for additional data analysis.??

The RFOT is priced at $499.00.

For more information please visit their website at www.madgetech.com or call +1 (603) 456-2011.

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