DeFelsko PosiTector Dew Point Meter

PosiTector® DPM & PosiTector® IRT

Positector DPMOnline  —  Dew Point Meters for Environmental Monitoring

The PosiTector DPM family measures a number of climatic parameters including relative humidity, air temperature and surface temperature enabling it to calculate dew point temperature and the all-important difference between surface temperature and dew point temperature (Ts-Td) — a vital parameter for industrial painters.

Uses: Ideal for surface preparation as required by ISO 8502-4, BS 7079-B4, ASTM D3276, IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA7 and US Navy NSI 009-32. (more…)

Troubleshoot Airflow, Temp & RH Problems with New Meter Series

Extech 510 Series Helps HVACR & IAQ Pros

New Meter SeriesOnline —  Extech recently announced the launch of several environmental meter series optimized for HVACR and Indoor Air Quality professionals.

The series includes an airflow meter, a combination hygro-thermometer and psychrometer, and a versatile 10-in-1 multifunction meter.

The new compact instruments are designed to provide quick, accurate readings on a range of environmental conditions that are essential for HVACR troubleshooting and repairs, as well as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessments to improve occupant health and comfort.

The meters in the 510 series are equipped with a core set of shared capabilities and features to maximize versatility. The 510 meters share an informative, oversized display and a bright backlight for testing in dark job sites.

Useful data functions include data hold, as well as minimum and maximum readings. The Auto-Power-Off function preserves battery life and can be disabled for extended monitoring.

A wrist strap is useful for toting while a tripod mount lets users set up the meter with consistent placement to avoid variability in routine measurements (using an optional tripod, TR100).

EN510 10-in-1 Environmental Meter
The EN510 is a do-it-all environmental meter that can replace several HVACR meters, ensuring the right instrument is always available. The EN510 measures or calculates Air Velocity, Air Flow, Air Temperature, Bead Probe (Type K) Temperature, Heat Index, Humidity, Wet Bulb, Dew Point, Wind-chill, and Light Level.

An integrated mini-vane anemometer with low friction ball bearings ensures long-lasting and accurate air-related measurements. For humidity-related readings and calculations, a built-in capacitive humidity sensor ensures high accuracy.

Along with ambient air temperature, the meter also includes a general-use bead wire probe for temperatures up to ~480 °F (250 °C) while the meter itself is rated up to 2372 °F (1300 °C) with available probes.

Additionally, a precision photo diode measures light levels in Foot-Candles (Fc) or Lux, with cosine correction and a spectral response filter for color correction.

AN510 CFM/CMM Anemometer with Thermometer
Leveraging the same mini-vane anemometer design as the 10-in-1 meter above, the AN510 anemometer measures focuses on Air Velocity, Air Flow, Air Temperature and Bead Probe (Type K) Temperature.

The AN510 helps HVACR technicians troubleshoot problems such as hot and cold spots in a residential or commercial space; pressure imbalances; leaky ducts; or registers with little to no airflow.

The AN510’s dual display can display air and temperature readings simultaneously for added insights when performing IAQ thermal comfort studies.

RHT510 Hygro-Thermometer & Psychrometer
Similarly, Extech’s RHT510 offers the Temperature and Humidity diagnostic capabilities of the 10-in-1 meter. With the RHT510, a user can quickly assess not only Temperature (ambient and Type K) and Relative Humidity, but also Wet Bulb, and Dew Point. Wet Bulb measurements can be useful in troubleshooting evaporative cooling issues for example.

Dew Point measurements are ideal for controlling or adjusting indoor humidity. IAQ professionals can use dew points to target window condensation and related mold hazards for example.

Like the AN510, a dual display can indicate temperature along with a hygrometer/psychrometer reading at the same time.

All three meters are backed by a one-year warranty and come with three AAA batteries.

How to Order: Extech’s new environmental HVAC & IAQ meters are available now from Extech distributors around the world.

To find a distributor in your area, please visit their website.

US Website. 
International Website.

A Consumer’s Guide to Food Safety: Severe Storms & Hurricanes


(Updated 06 Dec. 2017)

Map: Courtesy NWS Hurricane Canter
Map: Courtesy NWS Hurricane Canter

Note: This article on the USDA (Dept. of Agriculture) Guide is an edited introduction with key web links. The online full text version is linked here and The linked, illustrated PDF version (2.1MB) is here??

The latter is recommended for printing. It covers:

  • Power Outages
  • Safety of Food in Containers Exposed to Flood Waters
  • Removing Odors from Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Refrigerator Foods
  • Frozen Food
  • Food Safety Contacts for Areas Affected by Severe Storms and Hurricanes


Non-contact air temp & humidity sensor

To be demonstrated at CIM 2017

Non-contact air temperature and humidity sensor to be demonstrated at CIM 2017Non-contact thermometer and hygrometer developed in EMRP project will be shown at the EURAMET stand at International Metrology Congress (CIM2017) – 19 to 21 September – Paris

Online  —  Long-term observations of essential climate variables are vital as society becomes increasingly affected by climate change.

Air temperature and humidity are key parameters in climate processes and a big challenge for conventional contact sensors is the limited speed of response in the atmosphere.

EMRP project Metrology for essential climate variables (ENV58 MeteoMet2) developed sensitive and fast responding sensors to quantify dynamic changes. (more…)

See ATI’s Latest TC & Analog DAQ Devices

At the 2017 Automotive Testing Expo

EMX series of data acquisition devices Online  —  The EMX series of data acquisition devices introduces an unprecedented level of measurement performance in a compact IP67 environmentally sealed enclosure suitable for harsh environments on October 24-26, 2017 in Novi, Michigan.

Typically this class of measurement performance would require much larger and more costly rack-size instrumentation equipment.

The EMX series design is based on a modular chassis, offering combinations of multiple internal measurement modules. This provides cost-effective flexibility and efficiency for various channel count needs. (more…)

Helpful tips to reduce liquid helium cryogen consumption

By Andy Phillips, Lake Shore Blog

Liquid Helium bottlesOnline — A recent Physics Today issue had an interesting article on the difficulties researchers continue to have with the volatile prices of liquid helium (LHe).

The article noted the steps some have taken to reduce the impact: Large universities are operating centralized helium recovery and liquefaction plants, and others have enrolled in an LHe purchasing program set up by the American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, and U.S. Defense Logistics Agency. (more…)