DeFelsko PosiTector Dew Point Meter

PosiTector® DPM & PosiTector® IRT Online  —  Dew Point Meters for Environmental Monitoring The PosiTector DPM family measures a number of climatic parameters including relative humidity, air temperature and surface temperature enabling it to calculate dew point temperature and the

Troubleshoot Airflow, Temp & RH Problems with New Meter Series

Extech 510 Series Helps HVACR & IAQ Pros Online —  Extech recently announced the launch of several environmental meter series optimized for HVACR and Indoor Air Quality professionals. The series includes an airflow meter, a combination hygro-thermometer and psychrometer, and

A Consumer’s Guide to Food Safety: Severe Storms & Hurricanes

FOOD SAFETY RESOURCES BEFORE, DURING & AFTER AN EMERGENCY (Updated 06 Dec. 2017) Note: This article on the USDA (Dept. of Agriculture) Guide is an edited introduction with key web links. The online full text version is linked here and

Non-contact air temp & humidity sensor

To be demonstrated at CIM 2017 Non-contact thermometer and hygrometer developed in EMRP project will be shown at the EURAMET stand at International Metrology Congress (CIM2017) – 19 to 21 September – Paris Online  —  Long-term observations of essential climate

See ATI’s Latest TC & Analog DAQ Devices

At the 2017 Automotive Testing Expo Online  —  The EMX series of data acquisition devices introduces an unprecedented level of measurement performance in a compact IP67 environmentally sealed enclosure suitable for harsh environments on October 24-26, 2017 in Novi, Michigan.

Helpful tips to reduce liquid helium cryogen consumption

By Andy Phillips, Lake Shore Blog Online — A recent Physics Today issue had an interesting article on the difficulties researchers continue to have with the volatile prices of liquid helium (LHe). The article noted the steps some have taken

Stronger winds heat up West Antarctic ice melt

Being driven by strengthening winds on the opposite side of the continent Online  —  New research published recently in Nature Climate Change has revealed how strengthening winds on the opposite side of Antarctica, up to 6000 km away, drive the

The Simplicity of Steam Sterilization

Autoclave Validation Warner, NH, USA — Despite the many sterilization methods available today, steam sterilization continues to rise as a top choice because of its simple yet effective decontamination method. Through the use of an autoclave, this process involves four