11th Asian Thermophysical Properties Conference 2016 (ATPC2016)

October 2 ( Sun ) – 6 ( Thu ) , 2016 | Pacifico YOKOHAMA Annex Hall, JAPAN

Screen Shot Asia-Pacific Thermophysical Properties Conference 2016Online  —  The present Conference is the 11th in a series of very successful international conference on Thermophysical Properties held in Asia since 1986.

Although it is named as “Asian”, this is one of three world-wide conferences on thermophysical properties, namely the European Conference on Thermophysical Properties (ECTP), the Symposium on Thermophysical Properties (STP – June 2015 in the United States) and the Asian Thermophysical Properties Conference (ATPC).

Each conference is successively held every three years under the agreement of the International Thermophysics Congress.

Previous locations are:



The Conference has been providing an outstanding international forum to present and discuss progresses in research and development and application in the field of thermophysical properties of a wide variety of systems.

The Conference is concerned with experimental, theoretical, simulation, and applied aspects of thermophysical properties of fluids and solids including biomaterials and nano-structured materials.

Professor Yuji Nagasaka
Keio University
Conference Chair, ATPC 2016

Website: http://www.atpc2016.org/