Sealed PC CPU Cooler

CoolIT Systems’Vantage ALC… With a Brain!

Online — As the review of this novel product on OverclockersHQ says:

Have you ever wondered how much heat your CPU cooler is actually diverting? Have you ever wondered if that temperature sensor on your motherboard for your CPU is functioning properly?

Review the video below or, in larger format on YouTube at: and learn what’s possible!

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CoolIT Systems’ Vantage ALC has advanced user functionality and superior performance. It comes equipped with an LCD screen that enables users to change screen orientations and colors, select from 3 performance modes (quiet, extreme and performance), and receive audio and visual alarms.

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CoolIT Systems is a world leader in supplying electronics cooling products, with an excellent reputation in the design, development, and manufacturing of liquid cooling systems using their patented MTEC??? based technology.

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