Get SNMP based sensors organized!

Efficient rack space mounting for sensorProbes – multiple configurations – all AKCP sensor units fit – Maximize space available

Bangkok, Thailand ??? AKCP Inc., announces the launch of the new Rack Space Mounting kits. These new kits feature three different configurations that allow you to organize your data center computer cabinets more efficiently.

Ideal for a hectic data center where space is at a premium these rack mount kits help organize all AKCP units and sensors into a neat space efficient solution.

Single 1U Din Rail Rack mount kit
??? Ideal for mounting AKCP sensors
??? No more wasted space
??? No more blank brackets

Split 1U Din Rail Rack mount kit
??? Ideal for fitting an AKCP sensorProbe unit plus AKCP sensors
??? Ideal for fitting AKCP securityProbe plus AKCP sensors
??? 8.5??? of space available for AKCP sensors

Double Rack mount kit
??? Mount the AKCP securityProbe plus expansion unit
??? AKCP units mounted side by side in just 1U rack space
??? Add the Single 1U Din Rail Rack kit to mount AKCP sensors

All these rack mount kits are easy to install and come with all the screws fixtures and fittings required to fit neatly into your cabinets.

The kits are designed to fit all standard cabinets and all AKCP products can be mounted to maximize space saving. The kits are competitively priced at just $125 each.

For more detailed information visit AKCP or any one of their many dealers located around the world.

About AKCP
AKCP Inc., established in 1981, created the market for SNMP based environmental and security monitoring solutions and has always had a huge influence on the design and manufacture of SNMP based products. Today, AKCP is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of SNMP based environmental and security monitoring equipment with over 35,000 installations using AKCP for disaster prevention and infrastructure security. AKCP is a privately held company with headquarters in Hong Kong, manufacturing in the Philippines and leads the industry in innovation with a cutting edge Research and Development team in Thailand.

For more information, please contact:

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