ASL’s Industral PRTs

Industrial PRT Probes & “Smart Probes”

ASL smart sensor

Danville VA, USA –?? ASL provides a full range Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs) for use in every application from standards calibration to site temperature measurement. If their ‘off the shelf’ range will not suit your needs they are able to supply custom manufactured thermometers to almost any specification.

Thermometers can be supplied calibrated or uncalibrated.

Calibration is normally carried out in their group calibration laboratory which is registered under the United Kingdom UKAS system. However calibration can be arranged to suit your particular needs and ASL regularly submits thermometers for calibration to accredited laboratories throughout the world.

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Smart Probes
The ???Smart probe??? is a precision RTD sensor with an electronic memory in the plug. This memory chip stores the coefficients for the calibrated sensor and a complete history of the probe. This history includes the maximum and minimum value that the sensor has been exposed to, as well as the calibration dates.

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